April 25, 2017

Fun With Stripes

If I was writing a catchy newspaper headline it might read something like this:

Local Quilter Inspired by Late Night Stitching Session!

I'm working on another little piece for my Something From Nothing series, this one to be part of a show you'll hear more about soon where the size limit is just 12".  I'm making this piece using just this one really cool striped fabric.  (You can see that I used a little bit of it in a previous quilt in the series.)

The photo above shows the pieces pinned to muslin so I could be sure (or more sure at any rate) that the stripes would end up heading in the direction I meant them to.  I started the piecing process with the center four triangles.  (And yes, the gold stripe is made with metallic threads.)

When I turned it over and pressed the seam allowances open, here's what I got:

Is that not just the coolest effect?!?!

Quite happily, I've got plenty more of this stripe.  So now my mind is buzzing about how to turn it into another little piece showcasing the "wrong" side!  (Update:  I tried it out.  While it looked great on these seam allowances, overall it looked like a mess and a jumble.  So...an idea whose time never came.)

More to come on this striped adventure - I hope!

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