January 17, 2023

Busy Days

So yes, I guess I have to admit to working on lots of things (too many?) at the same time.  Here's what ended up on my work table by the end of the day on Saturday:

Clockwise from upper left:

Across the top:  Two baggies of sheer fabrics for textile conservation.  They are soon to be pressed and cut into square swatches be included in the supplies samples kit for my upcoming workshop.  (Preserving Our Quilt Legacy Virtual Workshop)

These are mostly covering up a little quilt, nearly completed, a wedding gift.  You can see just a bit of blue sky and wood grain fabric frame.  I can’t reveal it yet, but once it’s been given, I will blog about it.

Bottom right corner:  Box of threads.

To the left of that:  Little cardboard box with more supplies for the samples kit.

Prepped supplies:  needles and pins on a piece of labeled muslin, thick threads wrapped on sticks.  My round tins of straight pins and safety pins.  Eraser.  Little basket of scraps.

Bottom left corner.  Two fabrics chosen for the current repair job.  Two papers - one with the workshop class list - one with notes taken from a very useful conversation I had on Saturday.

Left edge center.  Fabric samples that will be used in the lecture about supplies that I’ll give during the workshop.

Sundays are my no-quilt-biz days.  I made a new jar of almond butter - it's soooooo good when it's fresh.  And I did some house cleaning, far from my favorite thing to do.  But this time, somehow it seemed the right thing to do and was actually not so onerous.  I wish those moments came around more often!  I made my weekly diary, a compilation of photos taken during the week, photos of what I'm doing and any pretty or curious things that come along.  I watched videos, lounged, mused. 

Monday, I did some more workshop kits prep, this time samples of sewing threads I use.  Packed repaired quilts to send back to two customers and a box of my books going to Martha Spark who kindly offers them for sale at her lectures and workshops.  Answered quilt repair emails.  Drafted this post.  And lots of this and that.

So yes, just a few things going on at once.  Sometimes it seems too much and the logistics of it all get annoying, but then again, I just can't say no to new ideas as they come along, and I really love having quilts and quilting be the center of my life.