January 23, 2014

Romeo and Juliet - Costume Details

Here are the stories behind putting together some of the outfits worn in our recent Romeo and Juliet.  The story of the overall design process and photos of the production are in the previous post.

The main sources for the costume pieces were:
- our own collection
- a bin full of unfinsihed samples and prototypes generously donated to us by clothing designer Alice Berry
- Annie's incredible shopping spree at the Salvation Army on a 69-cent Saturday sale
- loans and donations from Julia at Basya Berkman Vintage Fashions
- the closets of the actors and costumers

January 21, 2014

Romeo and Juliet - Costume Design

Last weekend, our high school students performed Romeo and Juliet.  They did a spectacular job with the deep emotions, the stage combat, and the lengthy script.  But what I am going to write about is the costumes.  Of course.

Eileen, our director, set quite a challenge for the costumes.  She asked that the look straddle the Elizabethan and the modern eras, expressing the timelessness of the story.  And she asked that the costumes be haute couture and edgy.

January 19, 2014

Vintage Metallic Trim

A while back, I posted about an incredibly lovely vintage silk jacket.

One of its many gorgeous features is the wonderful metallic braid trim.  Yesterday at an estate sale, I found a length of the same kind of metallic braid.  I am so excited to have some of my own!  There is a little over 5 feet of it.

January 8, 2014

Snowboarding Meets Antique Quilt

Really?  Yep.

The new US snowboarding team uniforms are styled with inspiration from an antique quilt.  

Take a look:  http://extramustard.si.com/2013/12/04/new-usa-snowboarding-uniforms-look-like-your-grandmas-quilt/

These will be worn next month at the 2014 Winter Olympics.  How fun is that?