March 30, 2017

A 1930s Sampler Quilt

OK, folks, I totally love this quilt!

It's a super fun collection of well-loved blocks, other more uncommon blocks, and a couple of wonderful appliqué creations.  The fabrics are pure 1930s style.  One really fun detail that you can watch for in the photos is that the ties are placed according to the design on each individual block.  There were some previous repairs here and there, including a new binding.

I just couldn't help myself, and took a photo of each block.  You can click to enlarge them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

March 20, 2017

Things Are Looking Up

After a long dry spell due to a broken foot, I am finally able to stand and walk long enough to get back into my sewing room and back to playing with fabric!  Phew!!!

It's amazing to feel the creative flow again.  And let me tell ya, it's whoosing after being pent up for so long!

The in-progress quilt in the Something From Nothing series got finished, thanks to my friend Julie who came and helped me with the basting.  It's 10" wide and 8' (yes, feet) long!  It will hang vertically.  The orange polka dot fabric is an old sheet as foundation fabric, and is not part of the finished effect. 
Working title:  Right Side / Wrong Side

Now, three more are now in various stages of planning. 
Working titles:  
left - Faded Photograph
center -Petals
right - Cathedral

I've got about four or five more in my mind's eye.  I am determined to finish the series in not too much longer!  You can read about the process in some previous posts, and see all but the four most recently finished quilts on my blog.

March 14, 2017

Card Trick Quilt

This quilt is about 25 years old.  It was purchased on a Pennsylvania Amish farm.  I recently repaired a couple of tears it had acquired over the years. 

The quilt is based on a block called Card Trick.  This pattern is called Star Spin Quilt, published by Oregon Treasures in 1988.  These rows use the basic block.

March 9, 2017

Sweet Vintage

There’s nothing better than a surprise gift and then when it’s vintage and then when it’s about sewing and then when it has a real vintage button attached. 

Thanks, Hat Lady Mary!   Doesn't this just define the word "adorable"?!

Mary Roback writes a wonderful blog with the delightful name FrouFrou 4 YouYou that is a huge compendium of hat history, especially Chicago hat history.  Tons and tons of info!!  You will be amazed, I assure you.  She also sells on Etsy, hats, supplies, and the occasional trinket.  And finally, you can follow her on Instagram #maryroback.

March 3, 2017

Feedsack Fabric Bonanza

What a gift!

Not long ago I was the happy recipient of a cardboard box labeled "old fabric."  
The story:

March 2, 2017

I Always Love a Quilt with a Great Story

Well, I'm of a certain age, which means I'm still totally enchanted and amazed by the ease and extent of all these means of electronic communication.  Here's one of my best experiences so far.

Ruby wrote to me via my blog, and in addition to the question she was asking, mentioned an antique quilt she had restored and finished that had a great story.  And I answered with the title of this post!

Ruby answered with what truly is a great story.

(Reprinted with permission from “A Family History Quilt” by Ruby L. Marcotte, 2011.  Voices, The Journal of New York Folklore, Volume 37, 1-2, pages 36 – 40.  Copyright 2011 by New York Folklore Society.)