December 17, 2011

Holiday Treats

Oftentimes, beginning quilters start with what I've heard entitled "The Pillow and Placemat Stage".  I certainly did!  But now, all these years later, I've really gotten away from making little quilty doo-dads, focusing more on the quilt repair and art quilt realms.  But sometimes these things are still fun, and sometimes gifts are called for.  So here are my holiday treats:

Last weekend, I joined a couple of other local artists in a holiday open studio sale.  For that, I made two little wall quilts, each about 12" square.

These are made of wool, machine appliquéd and quilted in the same step, with a hand-done running stitch at the edge.  With the blue one, I dipped into my growing button collection!  Boy, was that fun!

I also made a few ornaments.  The cottages are a pattern I've had forever, and don't remember where I got it.  So apologies to the designer, because I think they are super adorable, and she should get full credit.  They are wool, with fringed thatch roofs, felt doors and windows, and embroidered posies.

This next style is made with two cathedral window pieces put back to back, and a few more finds from the button collection.  They are by far the most time consuming of the bunch.  

These fun ones are patterned after Christmas ribbon candies!  I found the idea at:

And these are made using little fabric stars and bells I found at estate sales.  The spacer beads are pearls left over from the beaded wedding dress I mended this fall.

And finally - Baby gifts for a sweet 8 month old.  These little balls are also made with a pattern I've had so long that I have no idea where I got it.  They make great little baby toys that can be thrown, caught, or sat on without danger.  They also made great pincushions for older folks.  

And a size 2 vest that he'll grow into, made with a pattern published way back in 1979 by a company called Patch Press, which seems to be no longer in business.  The little elephants are taken from a wrapping paper design from about the same era.  The remnants of the grass fabrics used in the bog quilt also make a great African savannah.  I am pleased with the two colors, so the inside of the vest looks like it's in the shade.  

As you can see from all my pattern sources, I really haven't updated my collection of cute things in quite a while.  The ones I like, I really like.  I am loyal, I guess.  

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