December 25, 2012

Me and the Magic Vine

Today, I came across these photos that I meant to use and never have.  They were taken a couple of years ago now, by Raimonda Daras.  I was demonstrating hand quilting at the annual Fine Art of Fiber show.  It's a wonderful event - the weavers, quilters, and needlework guilds all participate, and we pretty much take over all the exhibit spaces at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  

This quilt is an antique top that I bought many years ago.  I save it for those times when I need a demonstration project, so it has been in progress for a very long time now.  

The pattern is called Magic Vine.  The patterns were first published in the 1930s in the Nancy Page newspaper column.  Here's a write-up about the origins of the quilt.  A quilt made from the patterns was published in 1935 in The Romance of The Patchwork Quilt by Carrie Hall and Rose Kretsinger.  Eleanor Burns published a book with updated patterns a few years ago.  

This post has photos of the quilt itself.

So hello from me, and I hope you all have a joyous and sparkly holiday break, whichever of the winter holiday of lights you celebrate.  

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