February 20, 2013

Here's a Reason to Get Married

Oh, such a beautiful wedding dress!  When my friend Julia brought it to me for fixing, she said, "Doesn't this dress just make you want to have another wedding?"  Yep, Julia, it sure does!

Here are the wonderful fabric roses and the beading around the skirt.

Couldn't be more gorgeous!

Here's the back neckline, with the filler seed beads missing from the fleur de lis shape on the left.

And here's the front neckline, with nearly all the filler seed beads missing.

The beads are clear with a grey liner in the holes.  I'm thinking maybe they used to be silver lined, but are now tarnished.  I looked at new, silver-lined clear beads, and they were just too bright.  The lovely lady in the bead department at my favorite craft store, Tom Thumb, was very patient, and we pulled out several more things to try.  Lo and behold, they had just the right size bead, clear with a grey liner!

In the tube, they look too dark.

But one at a time, on the cream fabric, they are absolutely perfect!

The moral of this story is - support your local, non-chain businesses and keep them going!  You'll get the best service ever.  Being at a small, friendly store, I could lay the dress on the counter, open the tube, and see the beads on the fabric.  And it benefits them, too - they made a sale by being service oriented.  OK, I'll step down off my soap-box now.

Here's a completed flower, and then the completed dress.  Yep, if I was getting married, I'd want this dress.

If you are lucky enough to be planning your wedding, this dress could be yours, and I will be sooooo happy for you.  Check it out at Basya Berkman Vintage Fashions.

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