April 3, 2013

Phantom Tollbooth Costume Sketches

Step # Next in the costume process for The Phantom Tollbooth.  It's a real treat to do this show.  For several years now, when we've come across some outrageously silly costume item in the storage boxes, we'd smile and nod at one another and say, "Yep, we'll use that for Phantom."  And now, here we are!

Here are the current working sketches.  Because we have 26 actors and something like 56 costumes, it's, well, quite a project.  (See the costuming progress here and here.)

To help our young actors manage multiple costume changes, most of them are supplying their own black base clothes:  short-sleeved plain black t-shirt and black leggings or stretch pants.  Then costume changes will entail accessories and tunics and the like.  This makes the costume production job more reasonable, too.

Happily, most costume pieces could be found in our stupendous costume collection.  We are mending, embellishing, altering.  Some of the pieces are way too big for our young cast (ages 6-11), but with a bit of elastic, lots of tucks, and deeper hems, we can manage to make things work.  We are also making the kings' headwear and staffs, and a grey, filmy cape for the Dynne.  Oh, and the Dodecahedron's many faces.  Two of our teen actors are masterminding the engineering of that.

It promises to be a colorful and comical show!


  1. I loved teaching the book. It would be nice to see the play too.

    1. The play happens in mid-May. I see that you live too far away to come see it. Well, I'll be posting pix afterwards!