October 31, 2014

My Quilt Care Book - Update

Hey, hey!  I am sooooo excited!!!  My book on caring for antique quilts is having just kind of success I hoped for!  

I heard recently from a quilt restorer who has been using the info in my book, and having great results.  She wrote, "I've consulted your book many times, so thanks again for the great advice."  

Here are her before and after photos, and comments.  I am extremely grateful for her permission to share them with you.  Just look at her beautiful work!

"The red, black and white quilt was used and much loved by the owner and her dog.  The dog had taken several areas away from the edges. I was extremely lucky to find fabrics that were very close in color.  I was able to add a little batting and stitch in the replacement pieces."

"The sun bonnet sue was again used by the owner as a small child. She wanted her daughter to be able to use it, so I hand embroidered some new pieces of fabric."

"The last one is about 70 years old and again used by the owner.  She wants to pass down to her grandchildren, but wanted the holes repaired.  I was able to find similar fabric and make some small patches and stitch the other holes together."

I have to say it one more time:

I am sooooo happy!!!!

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