September 20, 2015

A House, A Book, Zippers, and Buttons

I popped in to an estate sale at this historic register house near my neighborhood as much to visit the house as to shop.  The house was built in 1860, with a single story addition just visible on the side that was built in the 1950s.

The previous owners had collected wonderful antique furniture and accessories.  Their daughter was there and said her parents had moved there after their children moved along, and lived there for 30 years.  The house is in great condition, small rooms, loads of wood.

It was great fun to poke around in all the rooms.  My favorite little find is this leatherbound book, Aucassin & Nicolette and other Mediaeval Romances and Legends, translated from the French by Eugene Mason.

It was published in 1910, reprinted in 1912 and 1915.  So that makes this sweet little volume 100 years old.  The handwritten dedication says: "To Marion   Would that I might go with this book in more than spirit!   Jane   Sept 1925".  And Marion wrote her name at the top:  Marion V. Griffith.

And as concerns sewing, I scored 5 metal zippers for use in vintage clothing restoration, and a length of (I think) hand-tatted lace.

And, the delicious mystery of a little baggie of buttons......

Some of my favorites.  The little ones lower left are shell.  Such a lovely glow and subtle colors!

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