March 10, 2016

Little Cat Quilt

A repair customer brought me some of her other quilts to look at, just for fun.  Here's one of them.

I like it because I like cats.  I also like it because it's signed and dated - 1997 - another quilt that can help document and date fabric colors and styles.  I'm quite fond of finding these and adding them to the online "data base".

The cats come in kitten size, too.  Fun!  I think I have a vague memory of seeing this pattern back a couple of decades ago when it was new.

Sad to say, this quilt also serves as an example of why it's wise to take stored quilts out now and then and refold along different lines.  Re-fold off-center, even re-fold on the diagonals, the less even the better.  As I always say, this is one time when it's actually a good thing to not be a precise and perfect housewife!  As for me, I don't have much housewifely perfection to leave behind anyway......

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