July 19, 2016

LeMoyne Star Plus 9-Patch Equals a Great Quilt

This quilt is signed and dated, one of my favorite kinds of quilts.  It was made in 2002 in Intercourse, PA, by Esther Martin.  Sign and date all your quilts, folks!  Quilt lovers of the future will thank you!

Repairing fairly recent quilts like this one is very different from repairing quilts of the 1800s or the early 20th century.  It's so easy to find patching fabrics!  All I have to do is go into my sewing room and look at the piles of fabrics I've bought over the years for my own quiltmaking.

See how easy this was!  In these next two photos, the original, torn piece is on the right.  My patching fabric is on the left.  (The new solid matches the original unfaded color that appears elsewhere in the quilt.)


I really do like these colors!

Here are before, during, and after photos of one of the areas I repaired.

And another area with quite a few patches.  Challenge for the day:  See if you can find the patches!

I'll finish this post the way the quilter finished her quilt, with her very appropriate scrap binding.

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