May 23, 2017

Cozy 9-Patch

This lovely little 9-patch came for a few small repairs to the top and remedy for the very worn edges.  Originally, it had a knife-edge finish.  I added a binding as a way to cover all the wear along the edges most efficiently.

This quilt was made by Etta Metott Weaver, the current owner's great-grandmother, in the 1950s.  You can see another of her quilts in a post called A Complete Makeover.

Here are some of the lovely fabrics that Etta chose.

 scattered flowers in one of the blocks, plus a regular floral print in the alternate squares

a printed plaid

very typical 1950s print styles and colors

And then, there are conversation prints.  Conversation prints are prints that feature objects instead of geometrics or flowers.  I've been highlighting quilts with conversation prints in several previous posts.
faux patchwork, and kittens

tropical fish, parrots and a pineapple, and maybe a salt shaker and pepper grinders?

faux quilting

As a fun little aside:  The fabric below is from an Attic Windows quilt that I washed a couple of years ago.  It's the same design concept but with different flowers.  That quilt has the embroidered date - 1959.

 All in all, this quilt is a nice snapshot of fabrics of the 1950s, and a comfortable, cozy quilt.

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