November 18, 2017

Capital S

A while back, I posted about a Capital O quilt that I rebuilt.  (And when I say "rebuilt", I really mean rebuilt.  It's quite a saga.)  I'd never come across an O block before.  And now, along comes another initial quilt block I've never seen, a Capital S.

This quilt is one of a collection of family heirloom quilts I've been repairing.  You can read about a couple of the other quilts - Whirling Hexagons and Log Cabin.

This Capital S block is a clever use of the little quarter circle squares that make up the Drunkard's Path pattern.  I think it dates to the 1960s.

The machine quilted grid can confuse your eye - this really is just 6 of those quarter circle units.  You might be able to see it more easily in this block, where different prints are used for the background.

The quilter was also clever in the way she combined her scraps.  In the block above and the one below, you can see she carefully chose fabrics that would read as the same color.

But in other blocks, she clearly used whatever came to hand!

And in this block, she was using the remnants from some pre-printed kit.

And here's one where she got the S reversed.  It's hard to see because of the fading, so I also include an enhanced version.

And finally, I like the happy placement of these stripes!

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