September 17, 2018

Yes, Yes, More Buttons

You guys, I just can't say no to a batch of mystery buttons.  No matter how bland it looks at first glance, there are sure to be treasures in amongst the basics.  And if one or two treasures are peeking out, I'm a goner.  And so.....

This batch came from the giveaway table at my local needlework guild.  There are always people de-stashing and we reap the benefits.  It'a a great, albeit dangerously tempting, tradition.

And here are my favorites:

These are relatively thin and make a really satisfying little clacky sound.  Aren't the sounds buttons make when in a big pile a big part of the fun?  It is for me, for sure.

This color combo really inspires me.  And just look at the glow in the ones on the lower left!  They are always changing.

My favorite color, and such a cool incised design.

And finally, little flying saucer buttons.  Hee, hee.

The aliens are landing in the park!

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