October 1, 2018

That's One Magnificent Button!

For me, buttons are just about the coolest things in the world.  I am constantly amazed by how many kinds of buttons people have managed to design and produce over the course of time.  Absolutely amazed.

Well, this one stands out from the crowd.  This one is magnificent. 

It resides on this lovely suit.  Just one button.  Demanding all the attention.  But there's more than just this button to appreciate.

1.  The fabric is a wonderful "changeable" fabric - meaning that the warp threads are one color and the weft threads another.  In this suit, the threads are red and black.  Yes, a true red and a true black, and together they make this lovely changeable purple.  The color is hard to pinpoint since it changes depending on how the light hits it.
2.  The lapels are made of a gorgeous black silk velvet.
3.  The welt pockets have those cool little tailoring triangles.

4.  And then...building suspense....The Button.

I am seeing something in outer space, swirling orbits around a planet perhaps.

I met this button while dong a bit of mending on the suit for my friend Julia's shop.  You've read stories on this blog of quite a few vintage items that I've mended.  The shop is RareJuleVintage (nee Basya Berkman Vintage Clothing).  Same proprietress, same lovingly selected and presented clothes and accessories, new name. 

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