October 29, 2019

Quiltin' On The Road - Retreat!

How many of you have had this experience - a group of people take a class or workshop together, get along well, trade contact info, vow to get together.....and it never happens?  Well, this is a wonderful group of people who have made it happen!

And we've been having such a good time, we decided to try our first retreat, a week ago.  Here's a view on the road.  It wasn't taken on the retreat property, but is such a perfect symbol of driving to a peaceful, joyful place. 

It's a group that met at a fibers class at the Evanston Art Center.  Several friends have since joined us.  We meet monthly, or thereabouts.  The "official" name is The Fiber Cult, named by one of our member's kids.  We embroider, quilt, weave, knit, collage...whatever.  And have a really really good time.

We retreated to the Siena Center in Racine, WI.  Very calming, simple but sufficient and thoughtful lodging and food (I really experienced how much simplicity is a huge part of being calm).  Rocking chairs are everywhere!  We stayed from Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon.

The property is right on Lake Michigan, and includes a small stony beach, a labyrinth, and nature paths.

We talked fiber and art, we talked life paths, we mused, we helped one another design and figure out technical questions, we walked around the property at bit, we stitched and wove and relaxed and napped.  It was super!!!!

Our sewing room was bright and cozy.  Most everyone had brought a few different things to work on. We brought art and textile books to share.  We brought fun snacks galore.  A perfect creative scatter!


Kirsti spent most of the weekend sitting under her project.  Don't you love the way the sun, vertical blinds, white batting, brown carpet, and camera lens worked together to make a piano keyboard?

Here are our five projects as of Sunday morning.

Julie's quilt, including fabrics from a resale shop 1970s scrap bag and vintage clothes.

My farm scene made from an upholstery remnant and plastic veggie bags.  Another in my Something From Nothing series.

Karena's Christmas tree skirt.

 Annie's tapestry weaving, and visible mending of a woolen scarf with moth holes.

Kirstie's batik fabrics kantha.

Yep.  It's going to happen again next year.  

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