December 2, 2020

My 10-year Project, 2010 - 2020


Wow!  This post marks the completion of a 10-year quilt project!

Ten (10!) years ago I started a series of quilts, my own personal challenge project.  I was feeling the need of having some small, relaxing, just for fun projects in the midst of working on quilt repairs for clients.

I had been given a stash of decorator samples by an interior designer who was cleaning out her studio.  I decided to use them for my play space.  I set myself these rules:

--- I had to use all the colorways of each fabric together in the same little quilt.
--- The patchwork or appliqué design of the quilt had to somehow echo the design on the fabric.
--- I could group together individual fabrics, ones that hadn't come to me as a set of colorways, around some theme of color or design.
--- I could add trims, buttons, beads, and other fabrics as long as they were all cast-off objects, which for my purposes included estate and rummage sale items. 
--- I started out buying backing fabrics, but then switched over to using old sheets and such.  And I often pieced together scraps of batting left over from other projects. 

Some of the quilts turned out to be larger and more complex than I'd originally intended.  But hey, those decisions are up to the fabrics and the muses that whisper in my ear.  I just follow instructions.  Hee, hee.

I've made 53 quilts!  Yes, the auspicious time to call an end to the series - I was born in 1953.  Woo!

The next step:

I've been dreaming of presenting them all together in a gallery show.  And I was planning to spend the last year scouting out galleries.  But….we all know what happened….

So.  What do you all think about a virtual showing?  A "tour" hosted by the artist herself?  Wink.  Of course there's a story or two about each quilt.  Please comment - I really want to know what you think would be a fun format!

In any case, please join me in watching the virtual fireworks display that will run in the park across the street from my house, from now through the weekend.  Virtual popcorn vendors will be stationed on every corner. Hee, hee.

And for real, you can check out the whole series, Something From Nothing, on my website.

Here are the four quilts that conclude the series.  They were completed in spring 2020, during lockdown. 

The Farm.  Upholstery fabric, plastic produce bags, cotton.  56"x23"

Savanna.  Decorator fabric, beads, wire.  16"x37"

Treasures.  Decorator fabrics, metal bits and bobs.  24"x24"

Odds and Ends.  Decorator fabrics, scraps leftover throughout the series.  32"x34"
A game - can you find the quilts where these fabrics were used?
Head over to the web page and see how you do!    

When I began this series, using nothing but cast-off supplies was kind of a new idea.  I'm so very happy to see that the concept of taking care of the planet by mending, using cast-off scraps, and upcycling have been expanding into all sorts of settings and materials. 


  1. A fabulous project and a great collection documenting your evolution/talents as a fiber artist. I love "Treasures" - reminds me of an apothacary cabinet.

    1. Thanks very much for such a lovely compliment!

  2. What a fantastic evolution to this collection. Yes, most definitely a gallery show with ALL the quilts together and your personal journey is in order!

  3. Thanks! Would you prefer a live gallery show who-knows-when in the future, or a virtual show that could happen sooner and be available everywhere the internet can be found...or maybe both as each becomes possible?