June 12, 2011

In The Theater

Our lovely show, Four Acts / One Night, has opened and closed.  Here are a few backstage highlights.

Here are our dressing rooms, at a pretty well organized moment.

Here is the room again, full of actors and crew.

And here's a photo from each of the one act plays.

Set around the year the play was written, 1916.  The overall look we chose was drab and dark and plain, the theme being sadness and murder.  (Pity our poor actors, dressed for a 0 degree New England winter, under the stage lights, on a bizarre 99 degree June day.)

Here are the actresses looking at my quilt blocks.

"The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden"
Set in the 1930s, about a family on a road trip to visit their elder, married daughter.  We chose, a homey, bright, multi-colored look.

"Sorry, Wrong Number"
Another murder story, this one was written as a radio suspense drama in the 1940s.  It was staged, not as the story itself, but as actors in a radio studio.  No character costumes, as such, just regular old 1940s people and one diva.

And here is the complete diva outfit with those blue shoes.

"Hands Across the Sea"
A comedy about British upper crust folks being frivolous.  This had to be glamorous of course.  We chose to keep to a neutral color scheme to give the sense of a 1940s black and white movie.

More photos from the shows are at http://thinicetheater.com/?page_id=231.

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