April 13, 2012

Cozy Wool

Here's a friendly, cozy wool 6-pointed star quilt.  It was made by the owner's grandmother and holds lots of family loving.

The quilt was recently washed - in the washing machine.  This is not a good idea with a wool quilt!  Washing wool in warm soapy water is the way to make felt, after all.  The quilt came through the process in surprisingly good shape.  The forest green diamonds bled onto the backing, but politely didn't bleed onto the top.  Several seams pulled open, and many ties pulled through the top.

So my job was to close open seams and replace missing ties.

The ties had the same effect as on the Peter Pan redwork quilt that I repaired just a couple of months ago.  They had felted themselves into little nobbins of wool.  My brand new "replacing felted ties" technique proved to be exactly what this quilt needed, too.

The difference was that these ties were multicolored.

A trip to my local craft store (Tom Thumb - the place to go if you like friendly, helpful staff instead of chain store anonymity and lack of variety) netted me a wonderful variegated yarn and a green that together pretty much added up to the original palette of the ties.

I used the same technique as on the Peter Pan quilt.  My ties are only 2-color, but I think the overall effect pretty well reproduces the original look.

I really enjoyed working on this one.  It has a lovely homey feel to it, don't you think?

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