April 26, 2012

Embroidered Garden

Here's a crazy quilt with some very intricate and very fanciful embroidery.  This quiltmaker was really fond of swirly, trailing vine designs, and so am I, so I'm totally smitten with this quilt.  And as the owner pointed out, the stitching is incredibly even and neat.  This was made by a lady who really loved her needle and thread.

To make it even sweeter, it is a family quilt, and has lovely family history attached.  And then, even better, it has an embroidered dedication and date:  1905.

It's in very good shape, too.  I just vacuumed it, and gave the owner a bit of instruction in how to stitch down the (very) few places with some dangling, shredded silk.  The patches are both wool and silk.  Some of the stitches are in wool, some in floss.  The backing is gingham.

Now, sit back and relax and enjoy this delightful embroidery.

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