September 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Dresses

My buddy Julia over at Basya Berkman Vintage finds the best stuff!  In the last couple of weeks, she's given me two really delightful dresses to mend.  They are from different decades even though they are similar in style.  Both prints are great, and they are really what inspired me to share the dresses here.

The older one is rayon, probably 1940s.  I absolutely love the color combo in the print!  The dress has shoulder pads, self-covered buttons, and - my favorite detail - velvet covered piping at the collar and sleeves.

The lovely styling and detailing make this another piece that reminds me how much simpler off-the-rack clothing has become since that era.

It's interesting to me that the piping is done in black even thought there's no black in the print.  This fits right in with tons of examples of quilts that are highlighted with black embroidery even though there is no black in the patchwork or appliqué.  So this dress is right in step with the style choices of its era.

The second dress is cotton and from the 1950s, or maybe around 1960.  It's a bit more tailored than the first dress, with a front placket and roll cuffed sleeves.  I love it because of its great conversation print.  It just plain makes me smile! 


  1. You are right about JuIia's sleuthing skills.

    That second one looks like it fits that mid century modern craze that is "on trend" these days. I could imagine my mother would have gladly worn it.

    Keep sewing and blogging. Love your posts

    1. Thanks! Same goes for my mom. Probably she'd have bought the fabric and made a blouse. She had great blouses! Our childhood memories now have an actual title.