September 26, 2016

Just For Fun Embroidery Projects

Tablecloth update:

Having finished embroidering and doing the cutwork in all but one corner, the tablecloth is on hiatus.  My daughter is going to finish up the last corner so we will end up with an heirloom stitched by three generations.  The whole story of the tablecloth is elsewhere on this blog.

Next project:
I always like to have some carry-along needlework at the ready to fill tedious waiting times and to doodle away on when watching some show with loads of commercial breaks.  So.....

This is a dresser scarf with a delightful debutante at each end.  She has a cleverly appliquéd skirt complete with hem ruffle.  She is pre-printed for embroidery, and there are also butterflies flitting around in the center section of the scarf.

She was found by my friend Julia during her sleuthing for vintage clothing for her shop.  She loves to pick up odds and ends that she thinks will suit her friends.  This find was just perfect for me!

Here are my planned floss choices.  I decided to make her brown-haired (like I used to be!) because there is already so much yellow in her skirt.  And then she's a portrait of me as the girly, ball gown wearing, princess that I have never been.

The butterflies will have a lot of pinks and maybe some red.  The details on her gown will be green and blue, with a darker blue for the ribbon that twines around her.

Right away, some plans changed.  I hadn't realized how much using a single strand of the floss dulls out the color of the whole skein.  Of course, this makes sense.  So the two colors I picked for the bodice looked exactly the same and I had to find a new second color.  I ended up using some of the variegated yellow from the tablecloth threads.  Cool.

I'm still stumped on a skin thread.  I don't want to use pink because I'm not pink, but a pale tan kind of gets lost.  We shall see. 

And then there's this:
The guild I belong to, North Suburban Needlework Guild, asks members to make and wear needlework a name tag.  So....

Another find by Julia.  She brought me some old hankies that weren't in great shape, but had nice details.  One of them had a decorated corner where a name or initials had probably been embroidered and removed.  The fabric was a bit messed up.  So....

I cut out the corner, backed it with another layer of the hankie fabric and some flannel and cotton to give it some body.  And embroidered my name.  And added a few more leaves to fill in the empty spaces.  (Kind of a problem with my first and last names being such different lengths, also because as hard as I tried, my name still didn't come out quite centered.)


FYI, this little darlin' is 4" x 2 1/2", and on silk fabric.  Now I can feel really pretty at every meeting!

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