January 23, 2018

German Quilt Magazine!

The other day, I received the most wonderful envelope:

It contained, yep, copies of the January 2018 issue of Patchwork Professional, a German quilting magazine - with a long article about:

The title and subtitle translate to:

There is a Mystery in Every Antique Quilt:  
This American quilter brings the story of these precious things to life again.

Isn't that a lovely title?

The article is 8 pages long, and because it's just soooooo cool, here are all 8 pages!

Thanks to Dorothee Crane for putting it all together, and to Patchwork Professional for finding me!


  1. Amazing! Fantastic! Stupendous! Sew proud of you! Congrats!

    1. Thanks for all the exclamation points and the silly pun!