January 3, 2018

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I took this photo of my design wall last March, to celebrate being able to walk around enough on my healing foot to get back to pacing around while creating in my sewing room.

Here are the four quilts, from left to right, that were in progress then and are finished now.  They are all new members of my Something From Nothing series. The series is my own challenge project, based on a pile of decorator fabric samples that was given to me years ago.

5.25" x 5.25"

Faded Photograph
32" x 33.5"

16.5" x 16.5"

32" x 44.5"

I am really eager to finish this series in 2018.  Here's the current set on the wall.  I think I've got 7 more to do.  That'll be quite a challenge for 2018!

1.  The blueish fabric peeking out on the left, under the squares, is the background for a farm scene.
2.  The grid of squares and rectangles that is covering up that blue is a combination of fabrics with mostly plant oriented designs.
3.  The little blue stripey one on top is finished, but has a companion piece in the back of my mind.
4.  The sort of magic carpet style one (Oh! I think I just named it!) is a completed top.
5.  The brown and cream fabrics are two of four colorways of the same style that I will use together somehow.  They are a super, super soft cut velvet.
.....And there are two piles of fabrics that have not been started yet, aside from having nebulous directions.
6.  One pile is fabrics with diamond-shaped grid designs.
7.  The other pile will, I hope, somehow end up looking like an Oriental-style three-panel screen.

My eventual goal is to find a gallery to show the whole set of quilts together.  I've never put on a show before - so another major challenge awaits in 2019.

Happy Quilty New Year to one and all!

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