August 7, 2011

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

I've been strongly drawn to old button collections lately.  At an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, I found a delightful baggie of buttons.  Here are some of them, washed, and sorted.

Here's one of my favorites (5/8"):

Then, at a garage sale this weekend, I found Buttons.  This must be capitalized, because of the quantity.  The sale was actually a fun double garage sale, two neighbors on opposite sides of the alley, two garages full of ancient things.  In amongst it all....crates full of boxes full of buttons.  

I decided on one box each, yellow, red, blue, and green.  I dumped them all in the sink to wash.  

My darlin' daughter said - How silly looking!  I want to take a picture!  And I thought - Oh!  Me, too!  Blog! 

So, y'all can thank her for reminding me that I now have a blog for such silly topics.  :-)

In amongst the piles of doo-dads, I found these cool things to add to our collection of military medals.

The stars and bar are still attached to bits of garment.  They are attached with a tiny screw and nut, not the simple little squeeze back that is more common on lapel pins and such.  Pretty cool.  

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