August 17, 2011

More and More Buttons

I visited my friend Gloria today.  In amongst the memorabilia she pulled out, she showed me her mom's button collection.  And then she let me take it home!!

Gloria's mom was a fantastic seamstress.  And had a button box to prove it.

I'm going to make some kind of button project for Gloria - to memorialize her mom, and to get me started figuring out what kind of art I can make with all the buttons I am acquiring.  I am a happy, happy person tonight.

Here they are:

Look at these neato pink leaves with clear bubbles on them.  And I love the purple ones with golden centers.

Pretty silver filigrees.  Don't the center ones remind you of a fancy shortbread baking pan?

The orange ones at the top left remind me of orange slices.  The ladybugs are adorable, as are the delicate floral wreaths.  

Here are some one-of-a-kinds.  That large gold one is sort of about the solar system, I think. Do I see a flying saucer in there, too?

I think I'm going to check out some button collecting books next time I'm at the library, and start getting some idea of what these are all about.  Isn't it amazing how many kinds of buttons have been, and are still being, produced?!

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  1. I just received a whole button collection too! I'm still going through them all