June 10, 2012

A Wedding Quilt

At 11:00 yesterday morning, I attended a wedding.  At 4:15 in the afternoon, I put the final stitches in a quilt, wrapped it up, and left at 5:30 for the reception.  I'd started planning the quilt last November, but still, it came down to the wire.  Ah, well.

When I make quilts for wedding gifts, I often base the design on things I know about the couple - things they like to do, their careers, their names.  For example, once I made a quilt with a garden trellis-like arrangement of harmonicas, because the groom is a musician and teacher, with roses climbing up the trellis, because the bride's name is Rose.

For this wedding, I chose several traditional quilt blocks:

In the corners, are the four sunbursts from a New York Beauty block.  This represents Sarah who grew up in New York.  She is, of course, Nathan's New York beauty.

The Illinois Oak Leaf represents Nathan who grew up in Illinois, the son of a friend I have known since we were in 7th grade.

In the center is Ohio Star, since the couple met while in grad school in Ohio, and now reside there.

And finally, the Double Wedding Ring ...... which needs no further explanation.

The color choice comes directly from the color scheme for the wedding.

For the story of the design process for this quilt, see Road to the Wedding Quilt.

The wedding was just as joyous and fun as a wedding should be!  Many blessings on Nathan and Sarah!