August 26, 2012


Gleanings from this weekend's estate sale shopping:

more buttons
I do love the incredible variety of buttons.  The huge pink one is molded plastic, a dome of pink spheres!  The blue in the upper right is covered with woven ribbon!  The flower at the center top is ceramic.  Plus many other shiny, pearly, colorful, funky additions to my collection.  My button baskets are overflowing.  And I even got a third one several months ago.  Ummmmm...........  I need to come up with some really cool button projects!

drapery doo-dads, i.e. potential costume decorations 

 laces and fringe, also potential costume bits

a most wonderful lace, possible collar or yoke for a dress


 three lace-edged doilies, more potential costume frills

 old pillowcase, unevenly stained, potential quilt repair fabric

I love going to these sales late in the day.  The bits and pieces I'm looking for aren't appealing to most shoppers, so I usually can find plenty of interest.  And as the sale is closing, the prices go waaaay down.  I got all this, plus a bag of felt pieces and a blouse and a scarf for my daughter, for $7.25.  Woo hoo, my kind of sale!

I especially love that piece of lace.  And of course, there can never be too many buttons.

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