August 5, 2013

Not Your Basic Little Black Dress

Oh, I really like this dress!  Not for myself, mind you.  I just don't get dressed up happily.  But I love the styling and unique details.

This is another piece that I repaired for Basya Berkman Vintage Fashions.  The repairs were unremarkable, just closing a few open seams.  But look at how fun the dress is!

From the front, just basic sheath styling.  But what's that in the back?

Chiffon!  Pleated chiffon!  And pleated chiffon taken one step further.  The bottom edge is wired, the same idea as a wired ribbon.  It gives the chiffon what I'd call a large lettuce edge, and keeps it from hanging limply.  What fun!

In addition, the paisleys are not printed, not beaded, but made of tiny chips of plastic of some sort, glued (strongly!) to the fabric.

Pretty cool little black dress, yes?

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